I’m Amy, and welcome to my blog! I am a former mental health provider in the middle of a career change life crisis (after all, rare is the person who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up after graduating from high school…college…graduate school…but I digress). Having always enjoyed cooking, baking, and being creative with my hands, a year ago I enrolled in culinary school on a whim and haven’t looked back since. I have learned that while clients may scream at me, blame me for their short-comings, and occasionally throw things at my head, cupcakes don’t. I guess I will eventually come across the chef that will take on this role, but for now, much better. Despite flames and sharp knives, I can cook without fearing for my life.

My new life consists of learning new food preparation techniques, developing recipes, working on a cookbook, and attempting to start a side business teaching cooking lessons to those who dare. (Off to a slow start). And eating. I have been vegetarian for over 16 years. After years of not feeling well and developing multiple food allergies (now wine? and mushrooms? bummer!), I have started to rethink my eating habits and so my recipes will reflect this shift as I figure out ways to introduce animal proteins back into my diet while staying true to my Jewish heritage.

Meanwhile, we are in the process of making our first house into a home. We moved from Boston to Dallas two years ago and while I seriously miss the changing seasons and the snow, we’re loving having room to spread out and grow. We went from a 750 sq ft apartment to a 3700 sq ft house with space for a kitchen garden (and miraculously rent/mortgage has stayed the same), and now while I can get to all my pots and pans at the same time, we have to do something with all this house. We have transitional tastes but don’t like to break the bank with design projects. Check out the DIY section to find out what we’ve been up to (and when we’ve had to call in the pros!).

This blog has been years in the making, and I am excited to finally launch it! I hope that you enjoy!


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