I Won!

Today was Cake Competition Day! I was super nervous about getting to the show with my cake in one piece. For every bump in the road that I hit I cringed as I heard my flowers clacking against one another. But fortunately they all made it in one piece! Enough so that I placed Silver in the student cake category!

cakeAll in all it was a very fun experience to compete, and I’m definitely already thinking about the next cake show, which I think will be in June. I saw some fabulous cakes in the professional category and these are certainly worth aspiring to!

Outside of the cake and culinary competitions, the main event was a food show for Ben E Keith, distributor. There were some interesting products, such as parchment cupcake liners that extended above pan level in scallop or triangle shapes and came in fun colors like pink or polka dots. There were also many vendors demonstrating prepared cakes, and while it was fun to see all the different flavor combinations, I was sad to see the amounts of corn syrup and other additives and preservatives within the ingredients. Yet another reason to cook and eat at home!


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