Cakes and Gum Paste Flowers

It’s unfortunately been longer than I would have liked in between posts! I have been preparing for the past week for my first cake competition! It will be next Wednesday. I’m excited but extremely nervous. I decided to go with a Mother’s Day theme (the category is single-tier celebration cakes) because I needed an excuse to play with gum paste.

Here’s a preview of what I’ve been doing:



Leaves & petals

They’re supposed to be sweet peas but they remind me of a rainbow rendition of the delicate pink frilly flowers that used to light up the trees in NJ in the spring. Since I let these dry overnight, today I came back and taped together leaf pairs as well as made some accent leaves.

I’ll post an update after I paint details my flowers. Maybe that will help them look more like sweet peas…If anyone has any other suggestions, including how to form gum paste tendrils that can be wired to stick into a spray, I would love to hear it!!


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