Bright Paint on the Ceiling?!?!

No, this is not a byproduct of your kid pretending to be Jackson Pollock again.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a Benjamin Moore class at West Elm, sponsored by (who else but) Benjamin Moore Paint. I admit, I was skeptical – how much would I learn? Or would I be brainwashed into thinking the BM product line is the greatest thing since sliced bread (and that’s pretty darn great)? Or, worse, would I come out of there with a brand new long list of DIY projects?

I did learn about one neat thing, and now am trying to figure out how to work this into my home: Painting the ceiling.

According to the presenters, painting the ceiling a fun color will not make the room feel like it’s falling in on you or shrinking. As long as you create a border between the walls and the ceiling. If you don’t already have crown molding, they suggested simply painting a trim stripe at the top of the wall to create the separation. Cost? 1 extra container of paint instead of yards of crown molding and a run-in with the staple gun.

Other DIY-ers are getting on board with this trend:
Younghouselove painted their nursery a beautiful pear green with an aqua ceiling, with a white trim divider (view it here). This blogger even shows a pea-green gingham painted ceiling! (That may be too much for me…I’m sticking with solids). But what a neat way to update a room and add an unexpected splash of a vibrant color without much expense!

And of course it doesn’t hurt that the BM paints are low and zero VOC even after adding pigment.

So now the question is, where can I do this in my home? We have an open floor plan on the ground floor, with only one ceiling divider. Both front rooms, the entry way, the staircase, and the bulk of the upstairs (blasted open floor plan!) have some funky faux finish from the previous homeowners that covers literally everything from the ceiling to the walls to the molding to the switch plate covers to the plantation shutters…you get the idea. So I guess that counts as already having a painted ceiling, but to me it’s almost the same as having everything in a room the same shade of white. The faux needs to go away eventually, but the coverage area is just too much right now to tackle. Maybe I’ll start in the laundry room…or in an upstairs room…

I’ve now also decided to paint the living room some shade of celery and to strip the fireplace mantle and repaint…


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